How to place an order: Step by step

Get a cost estimate

Tell me about your project. Include pictures, sketches, or just a detailed description if possible. Let me know if your project has any special technical requirements. I will review your project and let you know if I need more information. Once I understand exactly what you would like me to make I will tell you how much it would cost and how long it would take to complete.

Pay a deposit

A nonrefundable 50% percent deposit is required before I can begin work on your project. Payment can be made through Paypal, Western Union, or bank to bank transfer (US banks only).

Review the product

When your project is ready I will send you preview pictures so that you can verify that the work has been done to your specifications. Feel free to request additional pictures if there is some detail you cannot see clearly! If you notice a problem with the project let me know. If it is a mistake on my part or a minor change there is no charge. Major changes to the specifications of the project after it is completed will be added to the total bill at a rate of 20$ per hour.

Make the exchange

Once you are satisfied that the project has been completed to your specifications you send the remainder of the payment and I will send you the project files. Files are normally delivered through email, but can also be sent by ftp or other means if requested. Image files are delivered in .png or .psd format unless otherwise requested. 3d model files can be delivered in your choice of .obj, .dae, .stl, or .blend format.